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We charge by the amount of rubbish removed. G&P Junk Removal rates include all loading from anywhere on the premises, sweep-up and disposal. Our truck teams will always provide an exact quote before starting the job. It’s obligation free.

Our Prices

Load Size Cubic Meters Labour Time Weight Allowed Price ex-VAT
Single item ---- 10 mins ---- £40.00
1/4 Load 2.6 30 mins 0.5 tonne £100.00
1/2 Load 5.2 60 mins 1.0 tonne £170.00
3/4 Load 7.8 90 mins 1.5 tonne £230.00
Full Load 11.5 120 mins 1.75 tonne £280.00

Extra charges

Extra labour £35 per hour

​Tyre (car / tractor or lorry tyre): £3 to £20

​Piano: from £100

​Domestic Fridge: £20

Commercial Fridge £40

Computer monitor, TV £7

Industrial Gas bottle, Fire Extinguishers £8

Fluorescent tubes (intact, based on quantity) £2

Things we cannot take

Sorry, but for health and safety and regulatory reasons, our crews cannot remove any of the following items.


Biological or Medical waste

Helium or oxygen gas bottles

Oil, petrol or diesel

Paint or paint cans

Raw meat or raw fish (unless packaged)

Toxic substances, noxious chemicals & solvents