What happens to recycling materials

At G&P Junk Removal we are dedicated to making sure that all waste we collect is recycled, whenever possible. And, as part of being a transparent and open business, we want our customers to know what happens to their recycled waste in the long run.
1. The first stage of the recycling process involves sorting. The waste is separated into different categories before being sent away to the relevant manufacturers.
2. There are many recycling plants which manufactures millions of commodities each year. Your waste becomes another commodity which will end up on the world market.
3. Countries such as China, which lacks the natural resources to make much of their own plastic, will pay high prices for recycled waste. China�s enormous manufacturing industry requires huge amounts of such recycled plastic and glass.
4. In the UK, all newsprint is now made from recycled paper.
5. Also in the UK, over 80% of glass is recycled, and most frequently made into new glass jars, bottles and other such commodities.
Recycling is increasingly vital to saving the environment from pollution and other man made problems. At G&P we will continue improve our excellent recycling track record.


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what happens to recycling materials

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